So I just added a 3500mAh battery to my Nexus S 4G and this occurred to me, an unexploited hole in the Android or smart phone market in general. We are missing the Google Nexus Hard Hat phone.

What I’m talking about is a basic Nexus sized phone with the following features.

  • 3500-4000mAh battery for a full work day of heavy use
  • A heavy case, similar to an Otter Box Defender for heavy field use
  • A splash resistant case so users who are outdoors don’t have to worry over being soaked in the rain

Basically a fully ruggedized Android platform that has current hardware and performance specs and current releases of the OS. The gap this would fill is pretty much anyone working in the construction or field industry that wouldn’t have access to charging as easily and would expose the phone to the elements and abuse.

I believe this would be a popular device for anyone in the public service, construction, road warrior sales fleet, maintenance and on and on. I’d buy one just being a heavy data user and a geek who likes ruggedized devices. A lot of my friends in the trades don’t like the smart phones simply because they break easily and can’t hold up to field abuse.

I realize that Motorola has had a few devices close to this spec, but they have always had the lowest spec performance and of course really old OS releases on them. Making for a miserable experience for the user.

Google, just ship us the whole banana, high cap battery and a ruggedized case, all ready to go so we don’t have to do the shuffle waiting for the third parties. I think it would be a win for sure.

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26 July 2012