Chris Esser

New Jersey, New York Metro Area
Contact me as kc2rgw via Gmail or Gtalk

I am NOT interested in the following at this time

  • Windows administration
  • Contract work
  • Relocation

Attn: Human Resources Department

To whom it may concern;

I am seeking a career as a Senior Technologist or Pre-sales Engineer. I am open to positions not specifically related as long as technology plays a heavy role.

I'm a self driven technologist, If I had to pick a title, it would be "Technology Fixer". I bring to the table a broad base of experience, centered in the Unix enterprise and it's operations. I am a solutions Swiss army knife.

My core strength centers on analysis of work-flows, process and architectures. I enjoy looking into business technology issues and deriving the best practices solutions to enhance efficiency and stability.

In addition to systems architecture, I bring with me a broad base of career experience. My skill-sets cover retail and corporate sales, sound engineering and tour management in the music industry, as well as a background in RF communications.

Excellent communications skills are not only a requirement for these fields but come as second nature to me. I am an outgoing and social personality and I enjoy client interactions in the business process. Bridging the chasm between "The Business" and the technology groups is my daily mission.

I am seeking a dynamic environment with varying challenges. I like an active and casual environment that moves at a fast pace. One of the things I have missed in the last few years is the variety found in field situations. Variety of people and sites is a must.

I would prefer a position that is not anchored to the depths of the cubicle farm of typical technology departments. Ideally I am seeking a sales or pre-sales support role with a local/regional territory.

I am confident that with the proper position I can offer your organization a tremendous yield in both leadership and technical expertise.

Thank you for your time;

Chris Esser


Provide value to an enterprise through the eyes of my experience.



  • Sun Enterprise Hardware from E25k through the rack mounted Netra/LOM series
  • PC Hardware workstation through server class PC hardware.
  • Nokia High availability IP Security Appliances.
  • 3Par, EMC, HITACHI SAN and Brocade/Cisco SAN Switches

Operating Systems

  • Sun Solaris 2.6 through current
  • Linux - Ubuntu, Redhat, SuSE, Debian
  • FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD

Network Infrastructure

  • Network Hardware Cisco, Juniper, Nortel Networks, Alteon, Foundry, Arrow Point
  • General knowledge of networking concepts up through more advanced routing designs

Applications - Too Many to List, None too hard to learn.

  • File Systems UFS, HFS, ext2, ext3, JFS, XFS, reiserfs, Veritas
  • Volume management Veritas Volume Manager, Solstice On Track Disk Suite, lvm, vinum
  • System Backup tar :-), Veritas Net Backup, Legato Networker
  • Network Management and Monitoring HP Openview, SunMC/Symon, BigBrother, NetSaint/Nagios, mon, rrd tool (ORCA), mrtg
  • Standard system services proftpd, sshd, rsyncd, CVS, BIND 4,8,9, djbdns
  • MTA (Sendmail, Postfix, exim, qmail)
  • Security related utilities and packages Checkpoint Firewall, Stonebeat Full-Cluster, ISS Real Secure, nmap, snort, dsniff, strobe, ethereal, etherpeek, CyberCop scanner, ipfilter, packetfilter, iptables, ipchains, nessus, SATAN, Saint, John the Ripper, l0pht crack, crack, pgp, gnupg, openssl, openssh, SnortSnarf, snort-net, tcpdump, netcat, Dragon IDS,Network Monitor, nbtscan


  • Perl, php, C (some), Python (some)
  • Bourne and Korn shells

Work Experience

4/2006 - 9/2012 => Major VOIP Provider

Systems Architect

  • Bridging the vast chasm between technology and the business
  • Day to day architecture and support of a 5000 server global enterprise
  • Analysis of work-flows, products, and hardware for application in the environment
  • Developing and proposing solutions for operational issues
  • Developing tools or evaluating products to enhance ease of operation and stability

3/2001 - 4/2006 => Solutions Provider / Systems Integrator

Senior Solaris Administrator

  • Manage day to day operations in a 200 server environment.
  • Environment ranging from E25k frames through E3500 mid-range servers.
  • Design and deployment of enterprise wide monitoring and integrity applications (HP OVOW, SunMC, and a customized Perl/HTML->mail->www server application that I co-wrote).
  • Procedural documentation of supporting applications as well as SLA and escalation policies to coordinate with the monitoring systems as deployed.
  • Design and deployment of a ticketing system
  • Design and deployment of DNS infrastructure
  • Design and deployment of Mail infrastructure
  • Staff training and education in all systems deployed

Systems Integration and Security Team Lead

  • Team lead handling site deployment staff and client relationships through the full business cycle. requirements->proposal->presentation->execution->support
  • Deployment and design of security architecture solutions to meet changing client demands.
  • Re-design of existing client infrastructures.

1/2000 - 1/2001 => A financials based .COM

Unix Systems Lead

  • Management of 40 Sun Enterprise servers
  • Deployed fully separate test/development/production environments with emphasis on platform consistency.
  • Transitioned web and application tiers from Solaris 2.6 to 2.7
  • Maintained patch level and version updates for all production systems.
  • Handled administrative dealings with the co-location center
  • Handled licensing and service contract issues with our vendors.
UNIX Systems Administrator
  • Streamlined vendor data feed processes. Standardized data formats.
  • Implemented NDM/Direct Connect for incoming data queues
  • Performed systems benchmarking and load testing.
  • Reallocated existing architecture to optimize hardware utilization
  • Managed site DNS and mail systems
  • Performed systems level security audits.
  • Designed and implemented a release management system. Trained staff in its use.
  • Implemented enterprise monitoring systems and notification systems.
  • Integrated Solaris and Windows development environment for development team
  • Configured system backup scheduling and increments to meet SEC retention requirements.
UNIX Systems Operator
  • Operations team lead
  • Took lead in hiring and training operations team candidates in all aspects of daily site operation.
  • Headed team of six operators.
  • Handled daily feed transactions, managed all data feeds in and outbound

1995 - present => UNIX systems research and freelance consulting

  • Began UNIX systems work with an introduction via RedHat Linux 4.1
  • Active participant in the Freenode network, providing support for all manner of Unix variant users on the network
  • Submitted patches and bug reports for many open source development projects
  • Submitted documentation changes to the Linux Documentation Project and several UNIX man-page maintainers.
  • Studied RFC's for many protocols as they pertain to systems administration and security.
  • Installation of mail/firewall/DNS/NAT servers for varying small business applications
  • "Windows Free" since 1995 ;-) UNIX is my platform of choice, due to essential issues of value, simplicity and integrity.

1994 - 1999 => Freelance sound engineer and tour manager

  • Handled all the business travel and venue booking arrangements
  • Dealt with the wild variety of venue technical challenges
  • Handled all the press contacts for the client
  • Broad experience with hardware and software for signal processing

1990-1994 => Security Officer

  • Security staff member US Military Facility
  • Chief communications officer and shift supervisor.
  • Trained in and also taught all facets of physical security.

1985-1990 => Industrial Sales Representative

  • Handled supply contracts for manufacturing plants and public utilities.
  • Managed multi-thousand line item contract bids.
  • Managed several million dollars in annual contracts.


  • Sun Premier and Advanced Solaris Certified
  • Brick Computer Science Institute - Route 70 Brick, NJ
    • Course of study - Computer Programming
  • Brookdale Community College - Lincroft, NJ
    • Course of study - Electronics and Circuitry
  • Middletown High School South - Nutswamp Rd. Middletown, NJ
    • Course of study - College Prep.
    • Graduate

Hobbies and Interests

  • Amateur Radio - KC2RGW
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) tinkering and hacking
  • Sea Kayaking
  • My pets
  • Seeing the country by car when time allows

References: Upon request