AltSmoke Silver Bullet a.k.a. SB

This is a ‘mod’, a 3.7V 18650 battery powered mod specifically.

Very solid construction, the walls have to be almost 3/32” thick. Aluminum housing and a high quality and very nicely recessed switch. The unit has 510 adapter threads for the atty connection. The main tube is threaded and unscrews to put the 18650 battery inside for use.

The battery life with this battery is outstanding. I get about 2.5 days of normal moderate use with an LR306 atty. Ideally it performs best over a single day, just pop your battery in the charger when you go to sleep.

The only single thing to improve on this design would be to add a voltage regulator circuit in the unit to squeeze even better more consistent performance from the battery. Otherwise, this thing is great.

AltSmoke Baby Bullet a.k.a. BB

Another great mod from Altsmoke. This is the baby sibling to the Silver Bullet, more compact and lighter weight. This is also a 3.7V mod and uses the roughly AA sized 14500 battery. This is a bunch smaller and sits in a shirt pocket a bit more easily.

Similar high quality aluminum construction, 510 threads for the atty and has a nice solid power button on it. The button is only semi recessed on this model.

I like this one as it is a bit stealthier looking vs the quite a bit larger Silver Bullet. The battery power and life is reduced though. I can still get a good solid ‘work day’ in the office on a single battery though and that is really decent. Carrying a spare batt as it is AA sized isn’t a big deal either.

Again, with the LR306 or other LR atomizers, the performance is quite good.