On a good day, you can use an HT from Bronx down to the ‘shooah’ on these machines. For those who don’t know this system, if you don’t have thick skin and a sense of humor about radio…don’t bother. Great guys, but you won’t find NTS traffic forms being passed on this network.

PL should be set for ENC only on these. Some pass PL, some don’t and depending on links, you may not hear traffic that is output if the PL isn’t being sent at the time.

  • 442.150 KC2QVK/K2EPD PL 94.8 Woodbridge NJ parkway 129’sh
  • 449.825 K2EPD PL 94.8 Tinton Falls

Sometimes linked.

  • 448.425 W2RJR PL 141.3 south shore SI I think
  • 445.575 N2EHN PL 141.3 Staten Island, north shore?
  • 443.450 WO2X PL 141.3 “The Montclair repeater”