For anyone into motorcycles and tripping, this site is worth a look

An old friend, this forum comes to mind from time to time and I poke my head back in for a look. I really like dual-sport motorcycle riding and currently own a 2008 Husqvarna TE-610. Unfortunately I’m not that great of a rider, and as a result don’t spend nearly enough time riding. I seem to keep a bike as some sort of place marker for my own sanity more than to actually ride one.

I had a decent wreck years ago that I’ve never fully been able to escape while riding. In the traffic congestion of NJ, it tends to make riding less than enjoyable for me. The old wreck still haunts me. I still can’t really face not having a bike around though…as dumb as it is when I realize how infrequently I ride here. Maybe one day I’ll move somewhere out of the insane traffic here and get to fully enjoy the riding.

The forum is and the “Ride Reports and Trip Pics” thread is years and years old and continues with daily activity. I highly recommend it to anyone who is even the least bit curious about dual-sport or other forms of endurance riding. You can find something for anyone with the least bit of interest in motorcycles or even adventure travel there.

At least through the forum I can live vicariously through the accounts of others. I hope someone new finds the link and gets as hooked on the accounts as I have been for so long.

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03 September 2012