Sometimes a terminal is all you want…

Not sure how I missed byobu or ttytter but I’m glad to have stumbled on them while poking about today.

byobu is an enhancement around the ‘screen’ utility that makes managing multiple windows, vertical and horizontal splits and other functions a lot slicker and requiring a lot less of the three finger contortions that only an emacs user would love. Basically, it allows you to take a single terminal, split it vertically or horizontally into grids of terminals and resize or swap between all of the sessions.

As with screen, you can just drop the ssh connection and your sessions stay intact and running for the next login session. You can, for example, leave an IRC client or something like ttytter (text mode Twitter client) running 24/7 on a shell host. When you log in, you simply reattach the sessions and all is where you left it.

With consoles in linux it is very handy as you can manage a lot more work with this added ability.

ttytter as already mentioned is simply a very functional text mode Twitter client that happens to work very nicely. I’ve stacked up weechat-curses and ttytter now in a nice byobu session that I can just let spin while I’m doing other things.

Very nice and worth a look if you like to keep things in terms whenever possible.

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29 August 2012