I did yet another site overhaul

This time around I’m experimenting with a good old static site layout…again.

The last go was using Wordpress with a giant wad of PHP as well as a MySQL back-end. I realized I was not really leveraging either piece and basically I was using a monster engine to render what could easily be served up as static pages.

What I’m using now

  • Jekyll a Ruby framework for static blog generation
  • Jekyll Bootstrap An add-on for Jekyll to get started quickly
  • LazyGal static HTML photo gallery generator
  • Amazon S3 AWS Simple Storage Service, as basic for page serving as you can get
  • Disqus.com for the comments add-on, it’s bundled with Jekyll Bootstrap
  • Some information on using S3 for serving static pages can be found right here

I’m generating the pages with the Jekyll framework and managing all the site hierarchy via Jekyll, which creates the site template that I then simply sync to AWS S3 from my Ubuntu box using the s3cmd utility.

I’ll have to see what the charges look like with S3, but I’m fairly confident it will come in well under the old traditional hosting service I was using.

The whole point was to get used to fiddling with S3 and to lose the overhead and exposure of using a wad of PHP for my site when truly I wasn’t leveraging it much at all.

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19 August 2012