In my previous summary your hero left off by filing a written dispute of the ludicrous claim settlement offered by Allstate. In a nutshell, they didn’t pay for anything at all of significance with regard to the damage inflicted by hurricane Irene.

Well the game is still going here. What they do is continually rotate your claim dispute among agents, who in turn claim to have called the customer, send you a letter saying “we have tried to reach you but you never answer and will cancel your claim” over and over again.

In fact I have called each of them at least three times, leaving detailed voicemail each and every time and I have not spoken to an employee of Allstate since the claims adjuster was on my property in front of me.

This is a carefully orchestrated fraud here. There is simply no way this is accidental. Every one of the myriad of phone numbers they have to reach me have voice mail and call history logging on the accounts. I mean they have just plain never even called, not even once.

All I can tell any of you reading this is to be sure you dump Allstate before you learn your lesson too. My roof (the one they claimed was undamaged) continues to pour in water even in the lightest rain causing sheet rock to fall in through the ceiling. My out of pocket expenses were almost $9k for the repairs to heating equipment and they never came forward to do any mold abatement work either so the long term effects of all of this are still to be determined.

I was offered a few hundred dollars for paint and sheet rock repairs without any remedy for the actual fix for the problems.

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