So I got bored again and threw together another small project from assorted parts from my junk bin and Home Depot. This is a simple PTT switch for keying my amateur-radio gear.

The Egg - A PTT switch made from odd parts

So The Egg as it were, is a DPDT switch with a double cable coming out the back of it terminating in a pair of RCA plugs. I use it to key a Dow-Key relay and the PTT of my rig which is on a multi-radio switchbox.

This replaces or more accurately is an alternate to my foot switch. I find it more convenient to use the handheld switch while standing up and operating vs trying to toe a foot switch. Having a few momentary switches rigged can come in handy for a few things when playing with radio.

The parts list is simple

  • 2 x 1” PVC pipe caps
  • 1 x 1” PVC pipe nipple cut to about 1.5”
  • 1 x DPDT momentary switch (you want normally open for this)
  • 1 x stereo paired RCA plug cable (I bought one from RadioShack just to have a relatively soft and flexible cable)

I simply drilled out one cap to fit the switch diameter, cut a nipple to mate/join the two pipe caps, and for the bottom cap, I just used the Dremel tool to cut an opening for the RCA cable.

Tips…don’t forget to thread the cable through the parts before you solder on the switch contacts. Don’t forget to tie a couple wire ties on the cable inside the housing to prevent the cable from pulling against the switch contacts inside.

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