So most of the comments are in the code that explain this. In the old full featured TNC’s there used to be host mode mbox functions so that if someone connected to you and you weren’t there, they could leave you a message.

The PMS utility that used to be in axutils for linux packet seems to have disappeared so I put this hacked Perl script together to provide the basic function I wanted.

The script prompts for a callsign or return email address and accepts the message input. The message is dumped to a plain text file and is emailed to my account the way I have it configured. If email is down, I still get copies of the messages stored locally. You could add something to pop up a message dialog as new files appear or play a system sound etc., pretty flexible.

It’s far from a hardened and secure script, but really I don’t think too much could be done with this considering how and where it is used. Just be aware that it wasn’t done with the intention of having it face the internet.

Link to the sources

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