Kingsqueak is the online nickname I’ve been using for many years. When I first got connected I had to pick one for an ISP account and didn’t want to use my actual name. At the time, I was working as a touring sound engineer and the industry slang for a soundman is squeak. I became fairly active on usenet in a pro audio group and prepended the King on as a joke because of the egomaniacal slant.

I am also known as KC2RGW as I am a “ham radio” or amateur radio operator.  I’ve been licensed since 2007 after putting it off for many years.  I regret having waited so long, as it is a fantastic hobby and I’ve been having a blast with it ever since.

I keep the lights on and pay for my toys working in the systems engineering field.  Basically I’ve been mucking about with various *nix operating systems long enough that I get paid to fix other people’s messes.

I’ve been a linux (now, primarily Ubuntu) user full-time since 1995 and turned my hobby into my vocation.