So in my ongoing saga dealing with an incompatible Biostar A770E3 mainboard and AMD socket AM3 CPU bundle that TigerDirect sold me</a>; it now appears that TigerDirect simply has no technical staff that really understand their product lines.

So after posting rants here and on Twitter, TigerDirect actually responded and escalated my issue.  The problem is, even in their best intentions, they still do not understand the issue at hand.

The short form is

The Biostar A770E3 claims socket AM3 support, and the bundle shipped with a Phenom II X6 1100T.

The motherboard ships with a BIOS too old to recognize the AM3 Phenom, so it needs a BIOS update.

However, in order to even do the BIOS update, Biostar requires booting on an old Sempron/socket AM2 CPU.  It’s right there in their own manual.  There is no other way to do the update.  So if the customer doesn’t have an AM2 CPU kicking around, they cannot make this work.  I know, it’s crazy.

So trying to get TigerDirect to understand this has been impossible.

The latest contact from them suggested they will happily trade my AM3 for an AM2 so my motherboard will work properly.  I mean really…the entirepoint_ of this new system is the CPU it all revolves around.

TigerDirect, do you really have nobody left on staff that understands your products at a technical level?

This has been going on for days now, plenty of time to have escalated this to at least someone who might understand.  I spoon fed the suggestion of how to escalate this on my very first phone call.  I specifically recommended they escalate this to an actual product specialist; not so much for my own benefit, but so that they wouldn’t continue to misrepresent this product combination to future buyers.  Still not getting it though.  Sadly, this is what I suspected.

So it seems that TigerDirect are trying their best to resolve my issue, heh, but ‘best’ is certainly a relative term in this context.

I should have my new Gigabyte mainboard from Newegg tomorrow, so as this simmers down, I’m just learning from my mistake and learn from it I shall.

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