spy satelliteWarning: I bring this information to you with the understanding that my audience is selective in their judgement. My friends, you need to use caution when disclosing this investigation to your peers. Realize that most of the sheep in our flock will not be able to comfortably digest this data. Realize that conclusions drawn from facing the truth will often cause unrest in the herd. When the herd is unsettled, the wolves will move in. Be well my friends, we can still have brighter days ahead as the knowledge we possess is our power and the key to our resolve.

OHJRPFNWM - What it is

We are here today to discuss a recently leaked deep research program designed to manipulate the patriotic citizens of the United States.  Of course, this is none other than the Obama HAARP Joint Research Project For New Jersey Weather Manipulation.

I think we might have all noticed the unusual incidence of snow and freezing temperatures this year.  This may have passed as a normal winter cycle had it not been for the outright courage of our informant.  What we are about to show you is that this is no normal winter cycle here.  We are in the midst of a horrific experiment designed to crush the spirit and the resolve of the patriots living in our once Garden State.  The Garden State, that today is a barren and icy wasteland.

Our source of this leak would normally be impossible to disclose, however, he has been so deeply embedded in dark research projects, he actually doesn’t exist.  Our informer is a 30 yr veteran of the U.S. Air Force recently retired.  There is no record of his enlistment or any service record of any kind.  All of his credentials have been scrubbed and redacted from the public record.  His pension checks are actually issued via Social Security as a disability pension.  Oddly no records of the ruling for this particular account number exist in the federal archives…at least those publicly disclosed.

What We Are Facing - The straight facts

In the simplest terms possible, we have determined through the information available to us that our own government is manipulating the weather itself to cause hardship, doubt, and to fundamentally attempt to crush the resolve of the people it is supposed to represent.  We have been sentenced to frozen isolation without trial, without representation and at our own expense via the funding machine that feeds on the very taxes that we all pay.

How They Are Doing This - How they are doing this

HAARP Array Hidden Deep in the Arctic

What you are about to see here may be considered disturbing to many people.  The story begins in the deep frozen north.  Hidden carefully among the snow lies the engine of our isolation.  Of course we are talking about HAARP.  This friends is the super powered engine of our frozen destruction.

The HAARP project was designed to manipulate many things never before thought to be under the control of the powers that rule us.  The cover story is that it is simply a radio frequency driven experimental facility for research.  The truth is slowly coming out. Things like thought patterns, emotions, the calories in diet soda, these are all targets of this insidious program.  Now for the first time ever we have been informed that the icy death we are facing is a direct result of weather manipulation by The HAARP.

Notice the date stamp on this photo.  Notice the font.  All of the images disclosed in this leak by strange coincidence show a concurrency here that paints the whole picture.  Coincidence?  You decide.  None of these images have been altered in any way from the way they were disclosed by our official source.

The First Strike - Testing the resolve of the opposition

The epicenter of the weather control conspiracy, this map tells the tale.

On the 7th of January 2011 began a disturbing weather trend that the public would have never normally expected.  Notice this weather map.  What do they mean by “Classified Weather Data”?  Why was this seemingly innocent map marked in this way?  Also, it may not be particularly obvious at a glance, but why are there bulls-eyes across only the Garden State?  Notice that during this snow event it is precisely contained within the borders of our great state.  No other adjoining regions are affected at all.  When do you recall a storm that precisely observes the borders of a state?  Again, these images have not had any additional manipulation performed, they are all exactly the way they were contained in the document store that was turned over to us.

This may seem like an innocent storm but why were we not alerted to the peculiar properties of this event?  Where were the people we rely upon to deliver the data we would need to see through to the real cause?

Relocated - If they aren’t here, they can’t participate.

Al Roker diversion

That’s right, that is Al Roker.  The agent of truth that we have relied upon for nearly a century for our weather data.  Where was Al during this peculiar event?  Surely he would have pointed out to the public the anomaly that was occurring.  Notice again the date stamp here from the file photo.  When we contacted the network to find out where the request came from to re-assign Al to this appearance rather than cover the weather disaster unfolding in NJ at the time, the network declined to comment.  Did they not know or did they simply not want the public to know?  You decide friends.

Where Was The President? - Absentee commander in chief

Obama laughs at the snowy hell he has unleashed

Surely if Al Roker was unavailable, the commander in chief would have stepped up immediately to alert the public to such an unusual weather emergency.  Right?  Friends, again, this image was snapped concurrently to the HAARP activation photographed above, the weather image and Al Roker’s seemingly coincidental pressing appearance.

Our leader, the man we trust in times of national emergencies was in the clear friends.  Notice the clear skies around the president.  Those of us trapped in the terror tundra can only reach deep within the strength of our families to imagine a day when the air around us wasn’t shedding a frozen death.

How Do You Know - Well?

All of this could easily be dismissed as a conspiracy, the rantings of a lunatic or something to do on a truly boring Saturday afternoon, if it weren’t for our scientific evidence.

gas chromatography output

You may have noticed that this didn’t appear to be any ordinary snow.  It has a texture of a burning icy hell that the snow we are used to experiencing in January would not normally have.  We decided to send off a sample for analysis to a lab that is completely unaffiliated with our shadow government.  The results have been stunning.  At the left you see the results of the gas chromatography that were obtained by our lab.  We were asked not to disclose the identify of the lab as they were actually frightened with the outcome.

This was not snow as we know it.  This was a synthesized cloud of a polymer not previously witnessed by our scientific panel.  Contained within the molecules of this polymer were RFID chips.

We had to reach out to contacts inside the former Soviet Republic to find a source to analyze these nano chips.  The function?  These nano chips can be excited by particular wavelength RF emissions to serve as remote listening devices.  Where have we seen this mentioned before…that’s right, HAARP.

It is our conclusion that deep within the Obama administration there is a YouTube-like facility that captures the output of these nano chips to monitor the struggle and the strife we all endure as we have to remove this icy hell from our driveways and vehicles.  Washington, the shadow government, are sitting and using our suffering for their own lulz.

We are left, fending for ourselves in this icy hell as they laugh comfortably warm in their command bunkers.

This report is confirmed with the MSNBC Keith Olbermann staff for disclosure on Monday January 24 2011.  You will know then, when this story breaks if there are darker influences involved.

You decide friends.  Are these the men we want to trust?  Are these the people who represent our interests?  It is not for me to decide, it is for you and only you.  Be well friends and remember…information, it is our only power and they cannot take that from us.

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22 January 2011