I’ve had a minor annoyance since I first got my Samsung Moment. The buttons on the body ‘wake’ the phone if carried in my pocket or in a sleeve case and this kills the battery. Batt life can be just a few hours as a result.

I’ve been poking around at various hacks people have done and came accross a key layout hack. I modified the button assignments so that nothing will wake the phone aside from sliding it open.

Easy fix and makes the phone more complete for me. This is the advantage of having platforms open if not at least “opened” where people can tinker and exchange ideas.

Thanks SDX …again

SDX post I made as a HOWTO

Here’s the gory details in a diff output for anyone running 2.1 on their Moment. The principle will be the same but the name of the key layout file will vary with your version. Your phone will have to be rooted and you will need to understand editing and moving files on and off your phone. DoA_Backup_ of the original file so you can undo the change if you want to.

The file is in /system/usr/keylayout/ The diff is showing you from which lines I removed the WAKE_DROPPED statements to disable waking the phone with those buttons.

    diff s3c-keypad-rev0040.kl s3c-keypad-rev0040.kl.orig
    < key 17    VOLUME_UP
    > key 17    VOLUME_UP   WAKE_DROPPED
    < key 25    VOLUME_DOWN
    > key 25    VOLUME_DOWN   WAKE_DROPPED   
    < key 248   CALL
    < key 249   ENDCALL
    > key 248   CALL   WAKE_DROPPED
    > key 249   ENDCALL   WAKE_DROPPED

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23 April 2010