So I’m sitting at lunch, and on the table is a flyer for a benefit 5k run. Nothing too unusual and I make my usual crack about doing the run while smoking…until I read what the charity was for.

It was a charity that promotes “pro-social behavior in our children”. I went on to read that the primary mission for this group is to essentially squash any creative spirit in children and teach them how to conform to what their group sees as ‘acceptable behavior’. A truly disgusting premise.

What is going through people’s minds with this concept? We, on a grand scale are designing educational systems and media agendas to teach children to essentially keep their heads down and not to stand out from the herd.

This began years ago with the pro-socialist political agenda I had to suffer through as early as the 80’s in public schools. Things like “US History” were used to disguise various Marxist and Socialist agendas with revisionist concepts of the actual historical facts. It has now metamorphosed into this anti-creativity agenda designed to pretty much break the spirit of any creative personalities or squash any self image for those who are natural achievers or free thinkers.

Things have degenerated to the point where score keeping in any sort of intramural events is prohibited because the psyche of the losing team might be harmed by the thought that they have failed. If students aren’t all wearing the same uniform or listening to the same music, they are now profiled as though they are terrorists. We are churning out a raft of non-thinkers, afraid to express themselves for fear they may stand out from the herd and be ridiculed.

Those who ‘succeed’ in the new plan, will be zeros when it comes to any contribution to our society. We are raising a destiny of failure and self-loathing mediocrity with these methods. People will be living lives, hating themselves because they are not mediocre enough to fit in, rather than realizing that they are the ones the herd should be following.

We are stifling innovation with this system and the way our current domestic economy is heading, the only thing we have left to bank on is the very innovative spirit that we are programming out of people.

A little light reading…

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18 May 2009