In amateur-radio there are many modes of operation. Modes where you use your voice, modes where you work behind a keyboard, modes where you drive a code key. There are options for anyone.

I work many of them but my favorite mode is simply ‘phone’, using my voice to speak to others. Meeting the different personalities and hearing the different voices is the primary reason I enjoy this hobby.

The Marconi Net is a structured round-table discussion with a central moderator or “net control station” (generally Fred, KB2IXT). The net runs most evenings at 9pm on 3.872MHz. The way it works is simply the net control asks for check-ins and people from around the region give their call signs and get added to the role call. The net control station simply calls the role and each person gets their turn to toss their own comments into the ring.

What makes this net interesting is the coverage of many topics, from current events to hobby related technical topics. Almost anything goes. One meets people from many backgrounds so the topics can vary wildly from night to night. The participants almost always take the discussions to a more elevated level than the general “sitting around the pub” level of conversations that are much more prevalent on the bands.

I encourage anyone in the hobby in the north east region to stop by and see if it is something that would appeal to you. All are welcome.

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15 May 2009